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August Macke- Alfred Flechtheim
Art dealer of the Avantgarde

August Macke

03.01.1887 Meschede - 26.09.1914 Perthes-les-Hurlus, Champagne
Alfred Flechtheim and August Macke

Macke’s early work is influenced by the French Impressionists and Henri Matisse. Through his friendship with Franz Marc he gained contact to the Blauer Reiter group of artists, participated in their exhibitions in 1911/12 and wrote an article for their Almanac. His very individual style that differed from that of other members of the Blauer Reiter aimed to link the Fauve artists’ harmonious compositions of pure colour with the angular, fractured structure of Analytic Cubism. Macke was influenced by the theory and works of Robert Delaunay which were marked by their powerfully expressive use of colour. In 1913 August Macke organised the ‘Rheinische Expressionisten’ exhibition – that included some of his own works – in Bonn where he was living at that time. After moving from Bonn to Lake Thun he continued to expand on his typical subjects – people strolling in the open air, shop windows and girls bathing. His artistic objective was to capture the real world saturated in bright colours. Shortly after the outbreak of World War I, in which Macke served as an officer, he fell in the Champagne region in France.

Macke’s art was defamed by the National Socialists. Almost fifty works were confiscated from German museums and shown at the ‘Degenerate Art’ exhibition in 1937. However, due to protests from the Deutscher Offiziersbund, they were soon removed.

Macke’s time in Bonn from 1910–13 was marked by his work as an exhibition curator and as an artist. He forged ties to local groups of artists, collectors and dealers. One of these was Alfred Flechtheim who, like Macke, was involved in organising the Internationale Kunstausstellung des Sonderbundes Westdeutscher Kunstfreunde und Künstler in 1912. In 1913 Flechtheim arranged for the ‘Rheinische Expressionisten’ exhibition of the same name, organised by Macke and held in the bookshop of the publisher Friedrich Cohen in Bonn, to be shown in Düsseldorf. In 1932, the year before Flechtheim left Germany, he devoted a solo exhibition to Macke’s work. 
Individual exhibitons at the Galerie Flechtheim

Oktober 1932

August Macke (1887-1914)
Düsseldorf, Königsallee 34

Group exhibitions at the Galerie Flechtheim

Dezember 1913

Beiträge zur Kunst des XIX. Jahrhunderts und unserer Zeit. Zusammengestellt von Dr.Paul Mahlberg. Herausgegeben anläßlich ihrer Eröffnung von der Galerie Alfred Flechtheim, GmbH
Düsseldorf, Alleestraße 7

Mai 1914

Paul Baum, Walter Ophey. Rheinische Expressionisten
Düsseldorf, Alleestraße 7

Juli–September 1914

Sommer-Ausstellung. Rheinische Kunst des 19. Jahrhunderts und unserer Zeit
Düsseldorf, Alleestraße 7

Ostern bis Mai 1919

Expressionisten Alte Kunst; van Gogh, Franzosen, Rheinländer und Westfalen
Düsseldorf, Königsallee 34

Juli–August 1919

Auf dem Wege zur Kunst unserer Zeit. Vorkriegsbilder und Bildwerke
Düsseldorf, Königsallee 34

Juli–September 1920

Sommer 1920. Ostasiatische Gemälde. Künstler vom Niederrhein, aus Westfalen und Frankreich
Düsseldorf, Königsallee 34

Juni–August 1927

Das Problem der Generation. Die um 1880 geborenen Meister von heute. Dritter Teil: Die anderen Deutschen
Berlin, Lützowufer 13

September 1927

Nell Walden-Heimann und ihre Sammlungen
Berlin, Lützowufer 13

Juni 1929

Lebende deutsche Kunst aus rheinischem Privatbesitz
Düsseldorf, Königsallee 34

November–Dezember 1930

Seit Liebermann in Deutschland. Aquarelle, Zeichnungen, Graphik
Düsseldorf, Königsallee 34