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- Alfred Flechtheim
Art dealer of the Avantgarde

Paul Signac

11.11.1863 Paris - 15.08.1935 Paris
Alfred Flechtheim and Paul Signac

The French painter and graphic artist Paul Signac is one of the major Neo-Impressionist and Pointillist artists. He became familiar with Impressionism through Claude Monet, among others. In 1884 he met Georges Seurat who had a strong influence on him. He closely examined the theory of colour and the effect of placing pure colours next to each other. In 1899 he published a trail-blazing thesis. Camille Pisarro and other artists joined forces with Seurat and Signac. Interrupted by long journeys at sea, Signac lived alternately in St. Tropez and Paris from 1892 onwards where he painted land and seascapes and harbour scenes in bold and brilliant colours.

Signac’s works were first seen by a broader public in Germany in 1898 when included in the first exhibition of Neo-Impressionism at the Galerie Keller & Reiner in Berlin. Karl Ernst Osthaus purchased works for the Folkwang Museum in Hagen, as did Hugo von Tschudi for the Nationalgalerie Berlin at the beginning of the 20th century. Harry Graf Kessler, who organised the inaugural exhibition of the Großherzogliches Museum für Kunst und Kunstgewerbe in Weimar in 1903 entitled ‘Deutsche und französische Impressionisten und Neoimpressionisten’, was also in contact with Signac. The artist was acclaimed as a precursor of Modernism at the Sonderbund exhibition in Cologne where 18 works were shown in the Neo-Impressionist Room.

Alfred Flechteim also showed works by Signac in the opening exhibition of his gallery in Düsseldorf in 1913. Just a few months later he loaned works for the Deutscher Werkbund exhibition in Cologne. Flechtheim acquired works for his gallery largely through David-Henry Kahnweiler – between September 1920 and September 1921 alone this amounted to 33 works. After an eight-year break, he exhibited Signac’s works once again from 1928 onwards. In 1937, several works by Signac were labelled ‘degenerate’ and confiscated by the Nazis.

Individual exhibitons at the Galerie Flechtheim

Group exhibitions at the Galerie Flechtheim

Dezember 1913

Beiträge zur Kunst des XIX. Jahrhunderts und unserer Zeit. Zusammengestellt von Dr.Paul Mahlberg. Herausgegeben anläßlich ihrer Eröffnung von der Galerie Alfred Flechtheim, GmbH
Düsseldorf, Alleestraße 7

Mai–Oktober 1914

Deutsche Werkbundausstellung. Leihgaben der Galerie Alfred Flechtheim
Köln / Düsseldorf, Alleestraße 7

Juni 1917

Galerie Alfred Flechtheim. Moderne Gemälde. Auktion durch Paul Cassirer und Hugo Helbing in den Versteigerungsräumen
Berlin, Kurfürstendamm 208-209

Juli–August 1919

Auf dem Wege zur Kunst unserer Zeit. Vorkriegsbilder und Bildwerke
Düsseldorf, Königsallee 34

Juli–September 1920

Sommer 1920. Ostasiatische Gemälde. Künstler vom Niederrhein, aus Westfalen und Frankreich
Düsseldorf, Königsallee 34

September–Oktober 1928

Lebende ausländische Kunst. Aus rheinischem Privatbesitz
Düsseldorf, Königsallee 34

November–Dezember 1929

Seit Cézanne in Paris
Berlin, Lützowufer 13