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This webste is dedicated to Alfred Flechtheim.


Until March 2014 exhibitions in 15 museums and on the website will be showing works of art whose provenance (ownership history) has a connection with Alfred Flechtheim’s galleries. These works came into the various collections along a number of different routes. Some museums acquired them directly from Flechtheim, either as purchases or gifts or through his intervention; others were sold by him to third parties and arrived at the museums – usually after 1945 – after several interim stops. Read more...



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Tweetup 12.12.2013

In context of this exhibition we will organise a tweetup in Hamburg (Hamburger Kunsthalle, 17:00) and Munich (Pinakothek der Moderne, 18:00) during which we will post tweets regarding the provenance Flechtheim. All tweets will be marked with #flechtheim and can be found on the tweetwall which is available here.

Provenance research

Provenance research looks into the origins of works of art and is a classical discipline in art history. It delves into the history of a cultural object that starts when the work is created. It aims to trace who commissioned, acquired or dealt with a work of art as well as how, from whom, where, for how much and possibly for whom. In ideal cases the motivating factor behind the acquisition or sale is to be determined as well as the connetion in which the work stood to the individual owner(s) and/or holder(s) (reception) – whether in the private or public domain – and in what connection a work forms part of a collection and what role it played (collection history). Read more...