Art dealer of the Avantgarde


Galerie Alfred Flechtheim, Düsseldorf: Handelsregister (Commercial Register) Düsseldorf (HRB 1203). The commercial register number of the Galerie Alfred Flechtheim GmbH was 563 HR B 21427. The records are to be found at the Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, Handelsregistersachen, Hardenbergstr., 10623 Berlin
Stadtarchiv Münster, Einwohnerregister

Flechtheim’s business records at the Mayor Gallery were destroyed by the Luftwaffe during the ‘Blitz’ in London in September 1940. Bombing by the Royal Air Force destroyed the gallery in Düsseldorf in 1943. No business records from the Berlin gallery are known. Neither artist records nor customer files have survived. The same is true of registers of incoming or outgoing goods and stock ledgers.

Archives (A selection)
All legal proceedings concerning the Galerie Flechtheim are to be found in the Stadtarchiv Düsseldorf.

The objective of the Digitale Kunst- und Kulturarchiv Düsseldorf, that is continuously being expanded, is to document the holdings in the Düsseldorf collection. 

The Galerie Flechtheim in Düsseldorf had connections with the theatre in Düsseldorf for various reasons that are documented in the Theaterarchiv der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf

Several letters by and to Alfred Flechtheim can be viewed in the archive on the Flechtheim exhibition in 1987 in the Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf that are also kept in the Galerie Louise Leiris (see below).

There are several references to Alfred Flechtheim in the Galerie Thannhauser file in the Zentralarchiv des Internationalen Kunsthandels in Cologne.

Correspondence by and about Alfred Flechtheim can be viewed in the Zentralarchiv der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin.

Alfred Flechtheim contacted the Kunsthaus Zürich on several occasions due to the mutual loan of works. This correspondence is kept in the museum’s archives.

Alfred Flechtheim was in contact with the Kunstverein Basel when he tried to get his works of art to Switzerland. The correspondence can now be found in the Staatsarchiv Basel Stadt.

Evidence of the business relatioins between Alfred Flechtheim and one of his favourite artists is now kept in the Nachlass-Sammlung Paul Klee in Bern.

Documents on the art dealer Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, including his correspondence with Alfred Flechtheim, can be found in the archives of the Galerie Louise Leiris in Paris. Unfortunately no details are made available.

Proof, in the form of entries in stock ledgers, of Flechtheim’s efforts to carry on working as an art dealer in exile, is held in the archive of the Mayor Gallery in London, 22 Cork Street.

Correspondence between George Grosz and Alfred Flechtheim from between 1932 and 1934 is held in the Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University under the  shelfmark MS Ger 206. 

The Archiv Oskar Reinhart, Römerholz, Winterthur (Switzerland) includes correspondence between Alfred Flechtheim and Oskar Reinhart from 1921–36.

Correspondence from Neumann to Flechtheim is in the J.B. Neumann Papers and the Archives of American Art. Locations: The Museum of Modern Art Archives, NY and the Archives of American Art, Washington.

The Max Beckmann Archiv in Munich includes correspondence between Flechtheim and J.B. Neumann and Max Beckmann. ‘Konvolut J.B. Neumann’, Max Beckmann Archiv, inv. no. FMBA I 7.

Correspondence between Bertha Flechtheim and Paul Westheim can be found in the Moscow Special Archive. Part of the Paul Westheim bequest in the Russian State Military Archive/RGVA, Moscow Special Archive, files 602-1-11.

Compensation and Restitution

  • Compensation records Hulisch/Hulisch, resolution made on 20.7.1954 (144 WGK) 1 WGA 3795/50 (321.53)
  • Compensation records Betty Flechtheim/Hulisch, resolution made on 18 October 1954 (145.WGK. 1 WGA 2792/50 (209/53)
  • BADV Berlin, Flechtheim / Hulisch records

Secondary Sources

  • Galerie Flechtheim exhibition catalogues and portfolios published between 1917 and 1933 in Düsseldorf or Berlin, compiled by Dascher 2011. These include lists of exhibits and lenders from the catalogues as far as could be ascertained by the time of going to print (20.10.2011).
  • Der Querschnitt, 1921–31
    The magazine ‘Der Querschnitt’ was launched by Alfred Flechtheim. It captured the zeitgeist and combined contemporary art, literature, sport and more. Initially it was published by the Verlag der Galerie Flechtheim and from 1923 by the Querschnitt-Verlag. In 1924 it switched to Propyläen-Verlag. The number of issues varied from year to year. During the first four years a year book was also published in addition. After the April issue 1931, the editor and publisher Hermann von Wedderkop left ‘Der Querschnitt’. The issues that followed had no connection whatsoever with Alfred Flechtheim. Digitalised issues can be viewed under
  • Omnibus, 1931–32
    With the magazine Omnibus from the Verlag der Galerie Flechtheim an attempt was made to latch onto the previous success of ‘Der Querschnitt’. Only two year books, however, were published. These are both especially richly illustrated.
  • Ex libris Alfred Flechtheim
    Various ex libris, including one designed by Ludwig Hohlwein, found in separate books, give one an inkling of Flechtheim’s book collection. Some of these books have dedications from the artists.