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Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

The Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, with its extensive holdings of paintings and sculpture from the 14th century to the present day, is one of Germany’s most important collections. The museum, which has an exhibition space of around 97,000 square feet, reflects the links between the traditional and the modern. The terraces and ramps of the spectacular postmodern Neue Staatsgalerie, designed by the British star architect James Stirling, stretch alongside the late Classicist Alte Staatsgalerie of 1843. Important holdings in the collection include some 400,000 works in the prints collection, medieval Swabian panel paintings and exceptional works of 19th-century Swabian Classicist art. Classical Modernist works dating from between 1900 and 1945 are, without doubt, the focal point of the museum’s collecting activities. Highlights include Oskar Schlemmer’s Figurinen zum Triadischen Ballett from the early 1920s and Henri Matisse’s famous Nus de Dos (1909/1930). New acquisitions, which also include works of contemporary art, show that the collection is being continuously expanded at the highest possible level.
Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
Staatsgalerie Stuttgart