Art dealer of the Avantgarde


Lützowufer 13
Fernsprecher: Kurfürst 2194
Telegr.: Flechtheim Lützowufer

Opening: 1921
Closure: 1933

Management: Alfred Flechtheim

The situation in the Rhineland area was difficult, not least of all due to its occupation by the French. The art dealer Flechtheim, therefore, initially established a base in rooms in Berlin occupied by his friend Cassirer before he managed to open his own gallery at Lützowufer 13 together with Gustav Kahnweiler (1895–1989). Gustav was the younger brother of the Paris-based German art dealer Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler (1884–1979) who was the Galerie Flechtheim’s most important partner for French Modernist works. Curt Valentin (1902–54) worked for Flechtheim in the gallery in Berlin from 1928 at the latest. He had previously worked in Hamburg in the book and publishing world before entering the art trade. After Flechtheim’s emigration he changed to the Galerie Karl Buchholz.